Jesmonite AC730 zur Herstellung von Figur aus Silkonformen - auf Zement Basis.

Calculate the exact requirement for your casting compound

Do you have a silicone mold and don't know exactly how much liquid and base you need for it? No problem: With this helpful tool you can easily calculate the exact amounts in the right mixing ratio for Keraflott, Jesmonite AC100 and Jesmonite AC730.

  • Fill silicone mold with water

    Place the empty silicone mold on a scale and fill it with water. Note the weight of the water in grams.

  • Calculate exact requirements

    In the calculator, choose between AC100, AC730 or Keraflott, enter the weight of the water from your silicone mold in the Water in g field.

  • Get the exact amount for your shape

    The calculator shows you how much liquid (Jesmonite) / water (Keraflott) and how much base powder you need for your mold. This way you don't waste anything and don't have to mix or pour anything afterwards.

Casting compound mixing ratio calculator