die richtige dochtgröße für kerzen berechnen und wählen

Find the right wick size for your candle

Wooden Wick Selection

The correct size of your wick determines how cleanly your candle burns. With this calculator you can easily determine which wick size is recommended for your desired candle. Enter the widest diameter of your candle in mm.

Please note that the information from this calculator is only recommendations and not binding information that guarantees that your candle will burn cleanly, as there are a lot of small details in the production process that determine success and failure when making candles.

Making sustainable candles yourself is a great hobby. To help you get started, we have written clear instructions that will help you achieve your desired result quickly and easily. Choosing the right wicks prevents your candle from burning incorrectly. Our wooden wicks are made from FSC-certified beech wood and are user-friendly for making your own candles. The wooden wicks are untreated and should be soaked in oil before use. Our cotton wicks with stand are pre-waxed and can be used immediately. Thanks to a paper thread, the cotton wick is ideal for absorbing the melted wax and burns reliably. When using fragrance oils and/or candle dyes, we recommend choosing a wick size larger to prevent the wick from becoming clogged and making it difficult for the candle to burn.
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