Offer a sustainable alternative to traditional candle materials. This is Hansawax.

We are Fabian and Rouven, the founders of Hansawax. In 2021, we decided to make high-quality and sustainable candle materials available to everyone, which are completely compatible with each other and without having to compromise on handling and processing ability.

Since then, we have expanded our product range every week to include many new, modern colors, fresh scents and sustainable candle waxes.

Our goal is to shape a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future and help make sustainable and climate-friendly candles the new standard.
That's why we are very grateful to be able to accompany you as a customer on this journey.


I am jana . My tasks at Hansawax are varied. Basically, you will find me wherever work needs to be done or delicate skill is required.
As a mother of two small children, I don't have much time for hobbies, but when I do have a few free moments, I devote myself with great passion to playing music in a marching band or losing myself in a good book. I prefer to decorate my bookshelves with exciting crime novels by “Karen Slaughter”, historical novels by “Rebecca Gablé” and horror novels by “Stephen King”.

"Never start to stop - never stop to start" -
Marcus T. Cicero

I'm Fabian , co-founder of Hansawax and I primarily live out my creative side at Hansawax. So I take care of the look of the shop, as well as the design and presentation of our products. In addition to my design work, I bring in my experience from logistics and monitor and optimize the processes in the warehouse. In my free time I devote myself entirely to cycling and everything that goes with it. On the way I can then indulge in my second passion, photography. I am fascinated by capturing unique moments and the memories and emotions associated with them.

"If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said 'faster horses'" -
Henry Ford

Good morning!

I am Rouven , co-founder of Hansawax and responsible for all commercial topics. To do this, I maintain the flow of new products and test them meticulously for functionality and compatibility. I can usually be found at Hansawax by email, telephone or social media and am happy to answer your questions there. When I'm not busy with Hansawax, I devote myself passionately to my children, as well as to music and film. Without being asked, I strongly recommend the series “Breaking Bad”, “Game of Thrones” and “1883”. A diverse range of music awaits your ears. From Joe Hisaishi, to 2000s mainstream, to metal and post-hardcore, everything is there.

“You have to drive where the puck is going to go, not where it was.” -Wayne Gretzky

All from a single source

Compatibility, sustainability and quality are our top priority. Because we are only happy when our customers are satisfied. Many have been loyal to us since the beginning and we are very grateful for that. If you have any questions about our products or your order, you can reach us by email, using our contact form or the social media channels Instagram and Facebook. We are always happy when we can help you.

Fast & cheap

We attach great importance to fair prices and fast shipping. Thanks to the short supply chains through our producers in Germany and Europe, we can offer our products with a clear conscience. We source most of our products directly from production without intermediaries. This allows us to offer our range at fair prices. If we receive your order before 12 p.m., it will usually be packed and shipped the same day. Your package will often reach you the next day.


We only offer candle waxes from natural raw material sources and package them in 100% recyclable paper bags. We complement this with high-quality candle colors in flat bags made from corn starch and rich fragrance oils from German production in recycled brown bottles. By focusing on resource-saving packaging materials, we not only reduce waste and protect the environment, but also make an important contribution to sustainable trade.

  • 2021 - Founding

    Hansawax was founded in a spare room at Rouven's home. The first orders were shipped from here.

  • 2022 - Your own four walls

    Fortunately, as demand increased, the volume of orders also grew and so we moved into our first real facility, which initially offered enough storage space at just under 80m².

  • 2023 - Move to a hall

    We were quickly taught otherwise - the 80m² was exhausted in just a few months. Therefore, just a few months later, we moved into an approximately 400m² hall, from which we can still supply you with sustainable candle materials to this day.