Our Hansawax story

Hansawax heads

The doorbell rang. I opened the door. A tall man, probably in his mid-thirties, stood in front of me: "I'm Rouven from the Three and I have an idea. May I come in?" "Sure," I replied and invited Rouven in. "I am tobias". "I know. I read it on the internet. And you're a graphic designer. That's why I could use your help." Rouven was direct and got straight to the point. We didn't know each other until this encounter. Of course, I noticed that a young family had recently moved into the second house at the beginning of our street. They seemed likeable from a distance. However, no conversation had taken place up to this point.

That should now change rapidly. It was the start of the concrete implementation of an idea - a startup - which we wanted to implement together from now on. And this idea was based on wax. Wax? I had absolutely no idea about wax, fragrance oils or anything else. But I liked Rouven's ideas. In addition, his drive to implement things, his fearlessness in the face of failure, his clarity and eloquence. I was quickly convinced and definitely wanted something new. Something that would challenge me. That will challenge us together in the future.

We set out on an inspiring path full of decisions: a name for our startup had to be found, a logo had to be designed and a shop platform had to be created. All products and items have been selected with great care, local testing and a lot of research in order to always keep our intentions such as sustainability, environmental awareness and creativity in mind. You can now see and follow the result of our shared drive on this page and on our social channels – Facebook and Instagram.

Until our joint project, we were simply two very tall men who lived on the same street but had completely different jobs. Now we are business partners who have given ourselves over to an idea. Entirely based on trust and participation. We are very happy that we can share this experience, the experiences we have gained so far, with you.

Rouven and Tobias