Instructions for use of candles

• The visible wick should always be shortened to five to ten mm.

• Please keep the melted wax free of contamination.

• Please make sure that the candle burns for a maximum of four hours at a time.

• To avoid glass breakage, stop lighting the candle if there is approx. one to two cm of wax remaining.

• Be sure to avoid exposure to extreme temperatures.

• Please do not tilt or move the candles while the wax is liquid or the candle is burning.

• Smother the flame preferably with an extinguisher – blowing it out is not recommended.

• Please do not use any liquid to extinguish.

• The candle must not burn down without supervision.


To prevent the candle from burning in a tunnel shape, let the candle burn for at least one to two hours the first time you light it. The wax should be completely liquid on the surface. Have fun with your scented candle!