Pour scented candle

We want you to achieve the best results when making your custom candles. And that's very easy! Here you will find a small step-by-step guide.

What you need:

Step 1:

Take a saucepan filled with water and place the melting container in it. Put your rapeseed or soy wax pallets into the melting container - you determine the amount depending on the size of the candle you want to make. Now you heat the water. It's best to use a wax thermometer and pay attention to the flash point . You should stir the wax every now and then with a mixing spoon until everything has melted.

Step 2:
In the meantime, take a wick and center it upright in the candle jar using the wick centerer . Of course, you can also prepare this step beforehand.

Step 3:
Add the intended amount of the selected fragrance oil to the liquid candle wax and stir it a few more times.

Step 4:
Now pour the candle wax into your candle jar until it is filled. Now all you need to do is let the candle wax cool down.