Neuer Look für unseren Webshop

New look for our webshop

The last two weeks have been very exciting for us. We really wanted to give our webshop a new look. It should be more modern. But also clearer. We also wanted to reduce the color scheme a little and bring the essentials – our candle products – even more to the fore. It was important to us that a visit to our site not only invites you to browse and discover. Feeling comfortable was also an important criterion. And that's exactly how we implemented it. A new design was created that we will release on February 16th. could go live. All products that are necessary for making and pouring candles yourself - such as scented oils, various candle waxes (rapeseed wax, soy wax and beeswax), candle wicks - can now be found in a suitable, pleasantly simple, beautiful and clear web context. We are overjoyed and very satisfied with the result.

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