Es duftet nach Kerzen

It smells like candles

The joint project Smell it! has been taking place in Bremen since May. smell in art . Ten exhibitions in eight different museums, including the Kunsthalle Bremen, the GAK - Society for Current Art and the Weserburg - Museum for Modern Art, will focus on contemporary art in connection with scents and smells until July 31st. It's definitely worth sticking your nose in here.

We at Hansawax also can't get enough of our sense of smell. From the very beginning, scents were at the center of our business idea: candles with balanced and natural aromas that we selected with a lot of joy and passion. And of course the associated wax – rapeseed wax and soy wax. We have been on the market with our online shop since June 1st. If you are looking for sustainable DIY materials to make your own candles, you have come to the right place. We - Hansawax - are a fresh, young start-up from Bremen, for everyone who would like to make their own candles, prefer sustainability and can't get enough of scents.

Author: Tobias Katt

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