So berechnest du einfach das richtige Mischverhältnis von Duftöl zu Kerzenwachs

This is how you easily calculate the right mixing ratio of fragrance oil to candle wax

In order to determine the correct mixing ratio between candle wax and fragrance oil , we have developed a practical tool with which you can easily calculate the correct dosage quantities. To do this, enter the amount of candle wax you want to use in grams and select how high the fragrance oil content should be in percent. The calculator will then give you the correct amounts.

This way you can easily and easily determine the correct quantities.

Candle wax: fragrance oil mixing ratio

You can now also find this fragrance oil calculator in the product description of the respective fragrance oil.

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Finde es ganz klasse und super einfach mit eurer Vorlage zur Berechnung von duftölen und wachs einfach spitze
Ein liebes großes Dankeschön dafür.
Fröhliche Weihnachten und ein gesundes erfolgreiches Jahr .

Nadine W.R

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