Dem Klimawandel entgegenwirken

Counteracting climate change

It's not just the tropical and rainforests of distant continents that are affected by climate change and some of them have already been irrevocably destroyed. Even German forests now leave shocking images of trees dead and devastated by storms.

Just a few weeks ago, the long-lasting storms were wreaking havoc in northern and central Germany. A consequence of the climate change that is already taking place. Rainfall was also exorbitantly high this winter, especially in January and February.

This climatic development cannot and must not leave us cold. It is imperative that we develop an awareness of further climate change and the resulting destruction of our ecosystem. The “Fridays for Future” movement has been drawing attention to climate change for years through various activities. However, only the young Generation Z seems to be taking this topic seriously so far. So far, it has received far too little attention from politicians and the rest of the population.

We all have to act. Everyday practices can be made more sustainable in many ways. For example, we can rely on products that are largely made of recycled plastic. We can reduce meat consumption, use solid soaps instead of liquid soaps, use public transport or bicycles more instead of sitting in the car, and produce as little waste as possible.

We at Hansawax have also taken up the issue of sustainability. Any products that we offer for making individual candles yourself in our online shop are, if possible, made from sustainable, recyclable raw materials. We deliberately only offer natural waxes such as rapeseed, soy and beeswax - no paraffin wax made from crude oil. Our fragrance oils also consist of natural ingredients. And our orders are also packed in rice paper bags and recycled cardboard boxes. It is important to us that making and pouring candles yourself is not only a great, relaxing experience, we also want this to be done in the most sustainable way. That's what Hansawax stands for.

Author: Tobias Katt

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